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In association with Westminster Indemnity A very special arrangement has been negotiated for associates of Powerchange Ltd

Premium 107.99
the annual premium for a typical business we cover
with annual income not greater than 100,000 & cover level of 1,000,000

It doesn't cost more to cover more therapies
This price is not increased by the number of therapies or disciplines you select, but may be by which therapies you seek cover for. A few do incur a surcharge, the majority do not. To illustrate by way of an extreme example, the premium above holds good whether you select 4 therapies to be covered or 40, just so long as you do not select those that increase the premium slightly.

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Premiums vary according to:

  • Disciplines selected
  • Annual practice income
  • Cover level - 1,000,000 or 2,000,000

299 business types covered

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Available - UK and EIRE

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